I (1993, Brownsville, MN) am a computer scientist, digital media artist, and instrument builder with a background in acoustic and electronic music composition. My artistic work concerns the intersections of art, technology, and philosophy, and I am interested in the experience of sound as a physical and contextual phenomenon. My research interests include algorithmic music, machine learning, and interface design. Among my influential mentors I count Sam Pluta, Eli Fieldsteel, Scott Petersen, Brian Kane and Hannah Lash. I hold an MMus (Yale, 2016) and BMus (UT-Austin, 2014) in music composition. This fall, I will be attending Yale University’s MS in Computer Science program with a focus in machine learning and systems programming.

As a developer, I release much of my work as open-source. I spend a good deal of time working on the development teams for the audio programming language SuperCollider and dn-m, a music notation and performance program conceived by James Bean. The main languages I use are C++, SuperCollider, Swift, and Java. I am also proficient in Haskell, C, Max/MSP, Arduino, PHP, and HTML.

My acoustic and electroacoustic music has been performed by members of Ensemble We Spoke, Third Coast Percussion, JACK Quartet, Wet Ink Ensemble, The City of Tomorrow Woodwind Quintet, and the UT-Austin New Music Ensemble. My compositions were recently heard at the Darmstadt International Summer Course for New Music (Germany), Valencia International Performance Academy (Spain), and the Northwestern University New Music Conference (Evanston, IL). In 2015, I received both a Morton Gould Young Composers Award and the Leo Kaplan Award from the ASCAP Foundation.

As a performer, I was a pianist for the UT-Austin New Music Ensemble for two years. I have performed in a number of my own electroacoustic works, and as a live electronics improviser with Black is the Color and on the Uncertainty Music Series. My improvising media include digital and analog sound (primarily noise- and glitch-based), lights, and computer-controlled household appliances.

I currently live in New Haven, Connecticut, where I am a front-end developer, project manager, and QA tester for Love Local Design.

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