• compile-time context free grammars in c++

    a piece-by-piece analysis of my first major attempt at c++ metaprogramming

  • Talk: Design & Implementation of the SuperCollider Interpreter

    I recently was invited by Daniel Mayer to give a talk at IEM Graz as part of a SuperCollider Day there. I ended up giving two talks: the first about how the development team works and some of the ideas we have for future versions of SuperCollider; the second much more technical and about the design of the interpreter.

  • CMake stuff i wish i knew earlier

    at the request of a friend i’ve decided to dump some of my basic cmake knowledge. this is information i’ve picked up from supercollider, personal projects, and tutorial videos, but it doesn’t seem to be immediately accessible unless you know what you’re looking for.

  • a generic static action registrar system inspired by Boost.Test

    sorry for the silence; grad school is intense.

  • cross-platform integration with TravisCI, ccache, and CMake

    heya! this post is about how i added ccache to SuperCollider’s continuous integration (CI) setup, and the kind of benefit it had for our build times.

  • disciplined refactoring: supercollider issue #2337

    in this post i’ll be discussing how i fixed an issue in the supercollider codebase. this is the first entry in what i believe will be a long series about my experiences as a developer on the supercollider project.

  • Introduction

    i recently let my old website die; it wasn’t worth the hosting fee, and i didn’t feel like i had much left to do with it after applying to grad school. but, the one thing i did miss was the little blog i’d started, and after a recent conversation with james bean i decided to start a new lighter site, hosted via github pages.

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