• cross-platform integration with TravisCI, ccache, and CMake

    heya! this post is about how i added ccache to SuperCollider’s continuous integration (CI) setup, and the kind of benefit it had for our build times.

  • disciplined refactoring: supercollider issue #2337

    in this post i’ll be discussing how i fixed an issue in the supercollider codebase. this is the first entry in what i believe will be a long series about my experiences as a developer on the supercollider project.

  • Introduction

    i recently let my old website die; it wasn’t worth the hosting fee, and i didn’t feel like i had much left to do with it after applying to grad school. but, the one thing i did miss was the little blog i’d started, and after a recent conversation with james bean i decided to start a new lighter site, hosted via github pages.

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